My Poisoned Apple

My Poisoned Apple

The diary of a bisexual girl

A Beginner’s Luck (part 4)

A Beginner’s Luck (part 1)
A Beginner’s Luck (part 2)
A Beginner’s Luck (part 3)


She asked me if I’d like another drink. I told her I’ll be fine with just a glass of Coke. “Hey, I have something for you,” she gushed and presented a small gift box with a ribbon tie. I smiled and opened it, It was a silver charm bracelet with lots of shiny things. “It’s gorge,” I uttered. I lied. I thought It was horrible.

Then I decided to just roll with it.

She held my hand all the way to her place while she was idly chatting to a cab driver. Sam lived in a small one-bedroom apartment. As soon as we got in, she swayed her hips and wrapped her hands around my waist. “Make yourself comfy,” she said. I ran my fingers through her sleek, black hair. “Be right back,” she said, quickly kissed me and disappeared in the kitchen.

I kicked off my shoes and found a spot on her white sheepskin rug in-front of the fireplace. She returned in a short while with two oversized milkshake glasses and landed besides me. She had removed her jacket and only a tiny strap top and a lace bra was covering her massive breasts. “Let’s watch something,” she grabbed the remote control and scanned through few channels on TV. She settled for Bob Squarepants with an enthusiastic “Oh, watch, I just LOVE this!!!”. She laughed, looked at me and slowly stirred her milkshake. Her highball tumbler glass was slightly frosted. Sam raised her straw and watched it slowly dripping for a while, then leaned towards me and gave me to lick it. I smiled and did so, we laughed as few drops landed on my chin. She started to clean them up sparingly, then gently pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. We sat in front each other and now our knees touched.
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A Beginner’s Luck (part 3)

A Beginner’s Luck (part 1)
A Beginner’s Luck (part 2)
I woke up from a text message alert. *I don’t think I can wait any much longer, babe – I’m sooo besotted!!!*
Besotted. I liked the word. In fact, I didn’t think I could wait longer too. Hanging around here just didn’t quite make a sense any more as all I could think was her. The anticipation had become tiring long ago. I could just fuck off instead and spend the rest of my vacation with her. My plane ticket was not flexible, so I just bought another one, week earlier. Like, in two days. Fuck it. I used my usual excuse for my friends that *Something just came up* and I had to leave early.
Sam was thrilled when I told the news!
I remember myself sitting in the Airport coffee-shop, sipping Skinny Latte… just feeling good. I’ve always loved Airport bars, they were sure landmarks of adventure. I half closed my eyes; suddenly all the people and buzz around me seemed so distant, It just felt as I was being carried by a soft, entrancing wave. I felt weirdly complete.

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Sex After Cheating

Have you ever been involved in *Cheating Drama*? Have you been caught…(if so, were you hoping to get caught?..) If, on other hand, you discovered somebody… (did you really care? …)
Anyways, you might be familiar with *Sex After Cheating* phenomenon. It might seem paradox and extremely contra-intuitive at first glance, but I’m sure It exists! Cheating Drama can indeed add some boost to your sex life. Read more →

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Dark Delicious

Being an aspiring interior designer, I certainly enjoyed setting up our new house with my hubby Greg. *Dark Delicious* was the main theme for the whole thing and I liked to keep the colors minimalistic with an accidental glow. I got the last glorious piece just today – a full length mirror with faux baroque golden frame. I discovered it in a small, dusty, moth infested antique shop and had just brought it home.

The day had been way too busy and I was dying for a relaxing bath. I turned the lights off and light the black pillar candles for perfect ambient. When I got out of the bath, I didn’t bother to towel myself, I just left it all to dry on me. I suddenly felt my body pleasantly relaxed; I needed some *me-time* just before Greg came home. I found one of his worn T-shirts lying on the floor and put it on. This instantly boosted my mood, as always. The light lingering scent of his sweat always turned me on straight away and I wanted to have a peek of how it looked on me in the full length mirror. I also wanted to put some Baby Oil on my tights and stomach where the skin was most sensitive. Read more →

A Beginner’s Luck (part 2)

A Beginner’s Luck (part1)
We were texting sweet nothings to each other for a week or so as I suddenly realised that I had arranged to visit my friends in London just in few days. It was almost amazing how this had vanished from my mind! All I was looking forward to these days was meeting Sam sometime soon. My phone was full of her texts, it wasn’t unusual to be waked up at night now from a text alert buzz. “Hey, just woke up, damn, I’m all wet, thinking of us…” / *I’m up, rubbing myself against the sheets, thinking of you – I’ve made such a mess here already…* / *Hey, I think I have a problem here…My clit is hyper-sensitive all day long thinking of us and I don’t know what to do…I even tried to touch It this morning while on the bus!* / *I want you here to ravish me!!!* /
I told her I’m going away for few weeks or so. She seemed thrilled: “Oh yeah babe, that’s great – London is a blast! We have to take our own sexy trip sometime VERY soon – imagine!! Awww, can’t wait to get you back ASAP, for myself!!!!!”
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